Meet our team

CEO: Mr. Truong Tran

Mr. Tran completed his education in business administration, where he excelled at finance, marketing and public relations. Throughout his studies, Mr. Tran maintained his life-long passion for travel – a passion that only increased once he joined the business world. Using his exemplary leadership skills and far-sighted vision, Mr. Tran developed a stellar team of travel experts. His versatility and brilliant people skills have established him as a popular and respected leader in the travel industry.

VP of Marketing: Jason Pedley

Mr. Pedley has taken the broad visions of AsiaTourAdvisor and transformed them into tangible business marketing assets, including the company’s numbers websites. With a strong history in tourism and destination marketing, Jason has leveraged modern web-based elements into the company’s overall marketing strategy. Pedley’s experienced has taken him from pubic relations in the IT sector to marketing one of the world’s largest gaming, shopping, dining and entertainment destinations through TV, print, radio, Internet and more.

Product Manager: Ms. Thanh Xuan

Xuan joined Asia Tour Advisor as Product Manager Manager in January 2005. She is new to Hanoi but already considers it “home.” “I can’t imagine living anywhere else,” Xuan said. “There is definitely something to be said for the sun shining every day.” Previously Xuan was employed as Senior Manager assigned for developing products and services for the top brands and travel agencies in Asia. She has also worked in travel business rounding out 10 years experience.

Cambodia Market Manager: Mr. Hoang Son

Mr. Son joined the team as Cambodia Market Manager in April 2004 bringing with him a wealth of Cambodia market insights and travel experience. Since his coming, Son has increased the company income up to 17% and more than 50 for Cambodia market. In what little spare time he has Son can usually be found wrenching on this 1965 Ford Falcon hot rod, riding dirt bikes rolling through the roads of Cambodia.

Sales Manager: Ms. Chinh Giang

Blessed with a cheerful and captivating personality, Ms. Giang is a vital part of AsiaTourAdvisor’s sales and marketing team. Ms. Giang’s in depth knowledge of the Vietnam and Cambodian regions have given her a true advantage when it comes to visualizing effective sales and marketing strategies. Ms. Giang works in sync with Mr. Tran’s vision, and has continuously demonstrated her expertise by achieving several important milestones for the organization every year.

Director of Publication: Ratan Jha

After completing his education in business administration and English literature, Mr. Jha began his career as a creative writer. Mr. Jha’s writing ability opened doors for him in the travel world, where he could indulge his true passion. Mr. Jha eventually moved to Vietnam, where he met Mr. Tran. Impressed by Tran’s vision, Mr. Jha became an enthusiastic member of the AsiaTourAdvisor team. Since then, he has played a vital role in strengthening the company’s marketing and business development strategies.

Senior Travel Advisor: Mr. David Hong

After completing his education in geography, Mr. Hong followed his lifelong passion and became a part of the travel industry. Today, Mr. Hong is living his dream as he shares his love for the Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Indochina regions with others. Beyond his extensive scholastic knowledge of Indochina geography, Mr. Hong spent much of his childhood playing in the fields and streets of Vietnam, which gave him an intimate and personal understanding of the region. Mr. Hong uses his knowledge and unique perspective to help clients find the perfect travel package.

Survey Manager: Mr. Hoang Tien

Mr. Tien has had a passion for travel since childhood, and has visited numerous countries throughout the world. As a proud Vietnam native, Mr. Tien’s understanding of the region’s demography is unmatched. What’s more, he has mastered ten different languages, making him an invaluable asset to the Asia Tour Advisor Team. Mr. Tien has been an integral part of Asia Tour Advisor from the very beginning, and currently heads the guiding team.